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silly aiba and PERFUME

omigad omigad omigad. this has got to be one of the best himitsu's evah! not only do i love aiba chan here (hes a genius i tell u. a baka genius) but jun shows his gentlemanly ways (as well as wondering why he was even in the episode) and perfume...i love perfume!

im not into electronica, but perfume is gagabrilliant. gay seatmate to the left introduced me to them while i introduced...REALLY introduced arashi to him. its a wonderful exchange.

wut i like abt perfume is that even if deep down inside they are nice girls, they arent boring. unlike some other j-pop singers or j-dorama actresses i know. pfft.

anyway, the entire episode is dedicated to perfume, and my favorite part is the last segment:

everybody, this is udonburi chan. yes. thats right. isnt she sinfully kawaii? anyway...she starts to dance to "chocolate disco" (we've all watched arashi dance to this the first time perfume came on to himitsu!)

perfume is delighted! perfume joins in the dancing...however:

udonburi chan almost hits nocchi with her red flag!!! and just when you start to laugh...


i didn't screencap it but aiba was laughing hysterically at that. matsujun had to remind udonburi chan that she carries a flag on her back.

ahh life. who needs to go out when i can drink beer at home and just watch this all day?

so you think the fun is over right? pfft. this is japan and this is himitsu no arashi chan. theres GOTTA be more, to jun's astonishment...this cup of noodles starts dancing to a.ra.shi...

you are my soul soul, itsumo...


yes. udonburi chan can dance to a.ra.shi too u know. i mean, life would be meaningless if you didn't know the dance step to this.

jun asks this cup of noodles a question:

and aiba masaki, being the headmaster of baka and evil in this episode, requests for the music to play...WITH JUN!

you are my soul soul itsumo...




* thanks always to the beautiful and hardworking subbers from niji_no_kakera for the DL



1) wai am i sick? feel like vomitting...can't eat...

2) wai is it so hard to find english sub downloads of c-d-g no arashi? waiiii?????

3) wai sho chan so kyut?

* wails even more* waiiiiiii

time to sell myself to expats



it was about 10 years ago when i caught a music show at midnight (with the kinki kids dude) and learned the wonderful ways of japanese variety shows (i.e. shows that show flambouyant skinny boys with bottle blonde hair do silly things and its FUNNEH) and i guess i lusted over everybody then.

my first kinda crush though probably was yu shirota although that didnt last long. it was shun oguri that really caught my heart. in the way that omigad-i-gotta-marry-him-i-hate-his-girlfriend-that-should-be-me kinda way. (looks away after i weirded myself out)

i no longer fawn over shun, but seeing pictures like that with matsujun just makes u melt. yaaa...

waaaaaw my intro was kinda long. i just wanted to talk about selling myself to expats. let me explain. ive been an english teacher for about 10 years (i dont know how to count, that may be an exaggeration) and it seems that i just am stuck. i dont hate my job, but surely, my managers dont think im capable of teaching english to europeans anyway, so there is that demotivating factor. at the end of the day, i am super uber thankful for the job i have and the pay i get (i dont have a house or a car, i dont travel and i dont buy all the things i want, but its all right) but i wish i was in a place i belong.

u knurr?

so where do i belong?

maneesh and tonylou were joking (maybe not) about flaunting my tiny exotic (not really) self to european expats in my country, but maybe its time i just put myself in a medium sized cargo box and send myself to japan. i could be a FARMER and be happy there if they sell hello kitty toothbrushes on a daily basis.

sorry. this post makes NO SENSE.

last night, i was teary eyed when i got home (due to work) and instead of jogging my sadness away, i turned on my computer and searched for more arashi related stuff. for some reason, they really equal happiness.

so wat was my point again? oh yeah. gotta find myself a box to be delivered to japan.


last night i was on the verge of absolute...um...i dont know...my grammar sucks. but basically i was ready to kill someone.

but arashi makes it all better, doesn't it?



something i cant multiply

this is something i cant write on multiply. maybe LJ is my real "diary" page.

well, im single again, and alls been good, but i cant help but feel that...theres something wrong with my ex. ive known him for so long, that i can almost tell that hes not in a right place. i...may be exaggerating, or paranoid, and truth is, he may just be hating my guts and refusing to show himself...but either way, i hope hes ok. just because...just because once upon a time i loved him, and i want him to be all right.

things with me have been extremely all right. i know i havent posted in months and my new page is really multiply, but id like to announce, here on LJ, that im doing really dandy

i have my head on my shoulders, i have a strange but good relationship with god, i have a pink rosary tattoo on my ankle, i am working on getting my demo cd done, my fmaily is tighter than before, we dont have any real financial problems like we used to, my dad is doing really well with his business and...i just feel really really good and healthy again.

i guess the only thing that isn't complete is my poetry. i cant write poems like i used to. even in prose. its just something i havent gotten back. ive heard music/melodies in my head. theyre slowly coming back...but i cant write any damn lyrics. i dont know how much longer i have to wait for brit mikagami to feel complete again. anyway, that was good. see ya!



oh fine fine hee hee!

ok. a few updates.

1. my new job is the bomb! :)

1. the salary is insane!
2. the work load isnt that bad!
3. the people leave me alone!
4. the people here talk in english! im not snobbing filipino speaking folks. in all honesty, i think that whenever i talk in filipino with a co-worker, they tend to be the more...sincere people. but im not here for sincerity. im here to keep my peace, work in my station, have a few cups of water a day, and get amazing incentives.
5. free stuff
6. wii and xbox
7. breaks that can go on and on if youre free
8. i can chat again! goodbye gmail!
9. i love my boyfriend, but thank god i no longer work with him. im a much much much more peaceful person right now than i was a few weeks ago.
10. no one named D_____ C______ works with me. THANK BLOODY GOD.

p.s. tonylou. i hope...that your re-arranged word for unemployment works best for you :)


hello again

i havent posted on LJ for a while...for reasons i dont want to discuss on LJ. but tonylou knows why. kind of. anyway.

just to let people know, im alive. hahahaha.

ive been obsessing about shaun the sheep, highlites on my hair, a bunny named Fluffy (my untalkative bunny phase is over) and what if daniel johns werent married to natalie imbruglia. well not really, but you know.

ive also recently turned 25, and im not too happy about that. i think my last "happy" birthday was turning 22. ever since i turned 15, things were about "oh my god im getting old".

10 years later, ive achieved a lot that hasnt been recorded or copyrighted yet.

ok i give up. i cant write here. tonylou, i tried. i think its psychological.


the sadness of...

oh oh oh!

today is june 1 and its the KATE MOSS TOP SHOP COLLECTION DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but wait...i am not rejoicing...

coz i only have 1k left!!!

oh the sadness...




why doent matthew post?

a) hes busy
b) he doesnt want to be like michelle that whenever she posts it ends up depressing
c) none of his LJ friends are his REAL friends. why should he post?
d) ano paki natin sa buhay niya?
e) he wants to be mysterious
f) hes reading a book