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sopa, pipa and sho!!!


this is a crazy week. not only am i tilting my head at my work schedule, but i just go re-aquainted with the internet a few days ago (my internet AND chrome died last week) and had to download internet explorer 8 instead, so my arashi fangirling was set to a minimum.

then i learn about sopa. and pipa. then what happened to megaupload. then whats happening to other sites. and now, i am in a "panic download at mediafire" mode. i normally SLEEP after work, but not today. im gonna download until i probably  will be declared unfit to work and sent to the nuthouse coz of my arashi addiction.


ok. i do realize im a bit much but im a leo, and leos are a bit dramatic.

anyway...its 5 minutes til midnight in the philippines, but technically its already: SHO-CHAN'S BIRTHDAY YAAAY!!!!! hes 30 now, so does that mean he can declare if he has a gf? can he date publicly? can he marry?

ok i think i need to eat. this whole sopa/pipa/sho-chan thing is driving me anorexic.