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sugoi ne.

sugoi ne.

i was in an amazingly bad mood earlier, as december seems to be a super lethargic month for me. i was a complete sourpuss today until i went to arashi_on to look for some goodies.

then i saw the fight song challenge.
i clicked.
i kept clicking on the youtube play button.

and happiness ensued.

seriously. arashi should be anti-depressants. in fact, FIGHT SONG should be the #1 recommended song to listen to when you're about to jump from a cliff. hearing the song on its own will already make you dance, but watching any concert videos will surely make you leap like a whale. 

do whales leap?

i had favorites of course, but just like 98% of the arashi fan population, i had to vote for 2007 TIME yokohama, just coz sho was being a cutie pie and the pairings in the air. its like sho/aiba and ohno/nino were proclaiming their love for each other in front of an audience by having their crotch up the others face...all this happening while jun flies through the air on his own like a neglected child.

see the picture above. that's sho. being afraid of heights. im getting orgasms as i write this.

 group hug!!!

 ohmiya. very very suspicious.

 sakuraiba. ORGASMS!!!

ah. arashi. ho ho ho ho ho

* btw, since i don't have this concert DL, i just stole some pictures from google.