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beer affects EVERYTHING

beer affects everything, ne?

i am in the middle of a drunken stupor and according to my VLC player 41.40 minutes into an arashi shiyagare 2 hour special (thank you ai_no_michi) and as i stared into a french cheesecake, i decided to write here.

infront of me i have 5 silly boys, one cucumber, two chicken chicharon skins, and half a glass of beer left (tsingtao!) and i am DRUNK. and everything that arashi does when i am drunk is 100% better. 

i found myself clapping at the most mundane things.

i "awwwwww kawaiiiiiii"ed myself when sho held a kitten up to a camera.

i clapped my hands when arashi jankened for cheesecake.

thats really all i have to say. i have another cucumber to finish and arashi is waiting for me.