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not an arashi post


just watched the pilot of twin peaks...jesus christ, now i remember why this show freaked the living daylights out of me as a kid. the entire episode was pretty ok, but the last few seconds made me bolt up on my seat. 

kowaiiiiiiiiiiii i hope i dont have trouble sleeping tonight. my imagination tends to get the best of me. 

other than that...i have some news that i can't share yet. even if its just online to "no one". all i can say really is...dear god...let this be it. 

ok. must study kanji now. need to get twin peaks OUT of my system. asap. 


oh tokyohive, u just made my day...

Which actors possess healthy sex appeal?

01 – 4316 votes – Sakurai Sho

So yes. i didn't copy paste the rest of the tokyo hive page. what? huh? you what? arashi what? oh ok fine, here is #2...

Which actors possess healthy sex appeal?

01 – 4316 votes – Sakurai Sho
02 – 3850 votes – Matsumoto Jun

That's enough, right?

we don't need to know #3 and so on. we also don't need to know which actresses made the top 10. 

ah...tokyohive...thank you fridays. mwah.


sho day - double parka day

since it's national...erm...international sho day...i am currently wearing a double parka! the outer one is gray, but unfortunately the inner one is quite colorful, so i couldnt go gray on gray...

unless...i steal my colleagues gray parka that is hanging over there...

sopa, pipa and sho!!!


this is a crazy week. not only am i tilting my head at my work schedule, but i just go re-aquainted with the internet a few days ago (my internet AND chrome died last week) and had to download internet explorer 8 instead, so my arashi fangirling was set to a minimum.

then i learn about sopa. and pipa. then what happened to megaupload. then whats happening to other sites. and now, i am in a "panic download at mediafire" mode. i normally SLEEP after work, but not today. im gonna download until i probably  will be declared unfit to work and sent to the nuthouse coz of my arashi addiction.


ok. i do realize im a bit much but im a leo, and leos are a bit dramatic.

anyway...its 5 minutes til midnight in the philippines, but technically its already: SHO-CHAN'S BIRTHDAY YAAAY!!!!! hes 30 now, so does that mean he can declare if he has a gf? can he date publicly? can he marry?

ok i think i need to eat. this whole sopa/pipa/sho-chan thing is driving me anorexic.

sugoi ne.

sugoi ne.

i was in an amazingly bad mood earlier, as december seems to be a super lethargic month for me. i was a complete sourpuss today until i went to arashi_on to look for some goodies.

then i saw the fight song challenge.
i clicked.
i kept clicking on the youtube play button.

and happiness ensued.

seriously. arashi should be anti-depressants. in fact, FIGHT SONG should be the #1 recommended song to listen to when you're about to jump from a cliff. hearing the song on its own will already make you dance, but watching any concert videos will surely make you leap like a whale. 

do whales leap?

i had favorites of course, but just like 98% of the arashi fan population, i had to vote for 2007 TIME yokohama, just coz sho was being a cutie pie and the pairings in the air. its like sho/aiba and ohno/nino were proclaiming their love for each other in front of an audience by having their crotch up the others face...all this happening while jun flies through the air on his own like a neglected child.

see the picture above. that's sho. being afraid of heights. im getting orgasms as i write this.

 group hug!!!

 ohmiya. very very suspicious.

 sakuraiba. ORGASMS!!!

ah. arashi. ho ho ho ho ho

* btw, since i don't have this concert DL, i just stole some pictures from google. 




sho kun...

why are u so adorbs?

* Thank you ai_no_michi for the DL! You guys make my day ^^

beer affects EVERYTHING

beer affects everything, ne?

i am in the middle of a drunken stupor and according to my VLC player 41.40 minutes into an arashi shiyagare 2 hour special (thank you ai_no_michi) and as i stared into a french cheesecake, i decided to write here.

infront of me i have 5 silly boys, one cucumber, two chicken chicharon skins, and half a glass of beer left (tsingtao!) and i am DRUNK. and everything that arashi does when i am drunk is 100% better. 

i found myself clapping at the most mundane things.

i "awwwwww kawaiiiiiii"ed myself when sho held a kitten up to a camera.

i clapped my hands when arashi jankened for cheesecake.

thats really all i have to say. i have another cucumber to finish and arashi is waiting for me.

nooney nooo...

sho to satoshi chan, satoshi to sho chan
sho to satoshi chan, satoshi to sho chan teki na
sho to satoshi chan, satoshi to sho chan
satoshi chan ga ichinen dake no senpai!!


that's all. gomen.

J has feelings!!!



as 99% of the international arashi fangirl population, i was jun-baited. well, actually no. my sister was jun-baited after i made her watch hana yori dango. i guess i was more interested in rui hanizawa (shun oguri) than domyouji. it was only the 3rd time that i watched HYD that i finally realized domyouji was like, the one.


after my sister introduced me to the wonderful world of arashi, i admit J was the one to look at. i mean, c'mon! he's hot! i knew nino from the drama "stand up" and he belongs to my sister, so i didnt bother lusting over him.  so it really was J. ohno, aiba and sho didn't reveal their true prowess yet at that time.

but as the months grew and my stock knowledge of arashi turned into a full library, i realized that J was probably the most "idolific" of all...meaning...he was more of the perfect idol while the rest of the boys were just fools. and i love me some fools, so J kinda slid down the arashi-must-marry-in-my-imagination-derby-ranking and went down to #5.

then i watched arashi_zenshinn's sub of vs arashi wer they fight against ogusan (i miss shukudai!) and their plus one was oguri shun. the show was it's normal show with arashi being idiots while J was sitting cooly and making cool faces. thats his charm anyway, so that's that.

then they won and had to challenge macho-kuns tie grabbing contest thingie (i dont understand it either, but its japan) and never...never since the debut of arashi have i ever seen matsujun with EMOTIONS!!!

lets take a look at the case files, shall we?

1) matsujun DANCES. he does a little dance before challenging macho kun.

2 and 3) HE MISSES. look at his agony.

4, 5, ) he starts to CURSE. kuso he yells!

and finally, 6) LOOK AT THAT FACE

something is wrong with uploading pics. they aren't adjusting well.

anyhoo, thank you to arashi_zenshinn for the download. oguri was um...yeah. lol. ogusan was more entertaining! even jun for that matter!

arashi @ tokyo friend park


this is an old video, but whatev. leave me alone. so they sing step and go. whee!

i have three things to say:

1) sho chan so kyut!

2) omg nino what happened to ur hair?

3) did anyone really pay attention to the green monster toward the right? the first time i watched this clip, i only had eyes for arashi. the second time around i noticed a green fountain of happiness dancing to the right side:

from afar...


uwaaaaa! so close!!!

ok ill shut up now.